keeping chickens safe
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best designed chicken coop for sale
Best 4x4 free range chicken coop
Two nests and two roost bars is quite enough
for 6 chickens (hens).
Best design and sturdy construction.
Lots of roost space. Full size door for your free range chickens to go in and out.
 Easy to move around.  Wheels get stuck   
in muddy or uneven ground, but SKIDS will glide over,   
so we don't use wheels on our coops.   
texas made chicken coop
portable predator proof hen house
handcrafted chicken coop
 Most important thing is:
 This is a very protective coop
 Nice hand-sculpted 
 wood handles

              A 100%-TEXAS MADE coop which we fully assembled, here in 
              our back yard. We make them one at a time - especially for your
              order. (We just removed a few screws for shipping.)
$ 790
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good protetive  chicken coops for sale

     Backyard chicken coop for 
        2-6 chickens   
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best designed chicken coop

                This IS a wonderful backyard chicken coop.  
               It’s perfect for 5-7 free range chickens. 
               This coop is shipable - but NOT a  "manufactured kit" 
               with bags of complicated parts, where you are expected 
               to follow a long set of instructions to assemble the thing 
               from scratch.

              This is a "ready-made coop" that was fully 
               assembled here in our back yard; we make them 
               one at a time, especially for your order.     

    We just removed a few screws for shipping
  - It's easy to follow our markings to put it together again.  
Christmas special chicken coop kit
chicken coops with nests
chicken coops with nests

              One nest and 
             three roost bars included  

      Add one more nest
                     $15  only
free range chicken coop for sale

     A full-size door desined for your 
free range chickens to go in and out  
texas farm chicken coops
when evening comes chickens go inside the coop ready for you to close the door

   This is a coop that our chickens LOVE the best !
They play and peck all around.
but stay near the coop.

   When evening comes,
they go inside, ready for you 
to close the door.

   We use the hardware cloth
instead of chicken wire, which 
is predator- proof.
A portable protective
chicken coop
 for 2-6 chickens
- A portable predator proof hen house  -
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 100%-Texas made ! We handcrafted each part of  this coop, even the handles. It looks great  
in your backyard !
don't use wheels but use skid for chicken coop
best chicken coop designed without wheels
 Our best selling coop for 4-6 chickens 
best chicken coop window on our chicken coops
this is one of the best window design on our chicken coops
beautiful windows on our best chicken coop
      Choose one of these nice windows for yourown Best designed chicken coop
         at no extra charge TODAY !
chicken coop with cool nest boxes
egg door
This page was last updated: April 4, 2017
4 by 4 ,  5 foot tall
tip for keep foxes and raccoon out of your coop
This page was last updated: April 4, 2017
how to make your chicken coop predator proof
          Predators, like foxes and raccoons tend to dig right at the spot
              where the coop meets the ground. You can lay galvanized wire mesh 
on the ground, along the sides of the coop to keep them out. 
  However, in our own experience, even though we don't use this method on our farm, no predator has been able to get into any of our 
many chicken coops - not even a snake. We do have lots of wild critters though, and we recently lost  several prized hens when we forgot to close one of the coops for the night. 

  Most digging predators cannot dig enough in one night 
to get under the coop. Just put coops on level ground, and keep an eye out for developing holes. Move the coop if you see a hole beside it.

   If you live in fox, or marten country (fast diggers) then you should use precautions like the wire mesh idea, above.
keeping chickens safe
portable chicken coop for sale
winerizing chicken coop
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chicken coop called Samantha"
chicken coop for sale winter
keep chicken coop warm
Easily winterized
We don't use external nest boxes  
extending from the sides-
We found those boxes get to  
over 120 degrees in summer! 
All-Weather design  
at no extra charge  
God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.     2 Corinthians 5
$ 790
shipping fee  $186
Shipping $186
beautiful nest boxes for sale
to rush your order
$ 680
shipping fee  $186
$ 680
shipping fee  $186
         Current wait time
     Coops can be shipped
     or  picked up 3 days
               after order.
     (no shipping fee)  
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Easter Specials
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