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best duck coop duck houses
eazy to moved duck coop kit
portable duck house duck coops
6X6 - 6x36 Houses up to 
12 - 72 Ducks (Good for chickens too!)
We have now about 27 ducks   happily living in our back yard right now..
 and this is
the coop we
like the
hoe to rise your beck yard chickens ducks
Predator-proof (1/2" mesh)
The "flip-down" door 
makes your duck or duckling feel safe going in and out.
Easily moved with a 
tow rope set.
(only $25) 

shipping fee $192​             
Please call Pat at 214-213-1360 
or text Jennifer at 903-458-1716
This page was last updated: January 26, 2019
predator chicken and duck coop
Super safe
 at night
best coop for ducks duck houses good for chicken coops too

$ 886
biggest chicken coop kit 8 x 24 for 20 to 40 chickens or ducks
us made very large chicken coop for 20 or 40 or 60 chickens or ducks
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best coop for ducks good for chickens too
Our chickens love this coop too!        
We made a new one and added roost bars for them.
best duck coop kit good for chicken coop too
best duck coop kit houses 6 to 12 ducks good for chickens too
Our ducks love this coop the best! 
"Full-size" doors = Easily cleaned 
 6x24=144sqft, and houses up to 48 hens 
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  $ 886
     ON SALE   
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