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Christian chicken coop maker
Portable chicken coop for 2-6 chickens 
This is a great chicken coop for 6 
small hens, or 5 medium size chickens (like the Americauna), 
or 4 heavy hens
(like Orpington, Rhode Island)
chicken coop on sale

tow rope for portable chicken coop

                This coop is our best selling chicken coop!
               It shipped UPS nationwide  - but this is not a
              "manufactured kit" with bags of complicated parts, 
               where you are expected to follow a long set of 
               instructions to assemble the thing from scratch.

             This is a coop that was fully assembled here in 
              our  back yard; we make them one at a time, 
              especially for your order.     
portable chicken coop easily moved to new grass

     We just removed a few screws for shipping
     - It's easy to follow our markings to put it together again.  
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4 chickens coop with nest box
chicken coop for 4 hens

              Each coop has one nest  
              and three roost bars included  
Add one more nest
       $15  only
Some tips about
insulating our coops
Two nests for 6x6 coop(best coop for5 duck); 
 one nest for 6x3 coop
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ready made chicken coop kits for sale
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This page was last updated: November 12, 2022
add $150 for a double size chicken coop
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If you raise chickens, you know how often your chickens go to unwanted places - eat your favourite plants, or get themselves into trouble. And you wouldn't want your girls to wander into danger!

You should get a "chicken yard" to keep them in an enclosed area where they can still scavenge for bugs in the grass.  
It'd be even more convenient if you had a yard that was easily portable!

portable chicken yard
how to make your chicken coop predator proof
One egg door is included
       Predators, like foxes and 
raccoons tend to dig right at the 
spot where the coop meets the ground. 
You can lay galvanized wire mesh on the ground, along the sides of the coop to keep them out. 

          However, in our own experience, even though we don't use this method on our farm, no predator has been able to get into any of our 
many chicken coops - not even a snake. We do have lots of wild critters though, and we recently lost several prized hens when we forgot to close one of the coops for the night. 

       Most digging predators cannot dig enough in one night to get under the coop. Just put coops on 
level ground,  and keep an eye out for developing holes. Move the coop if you see a hole beside it.
       If you live in fox or marten country (fast diggers), then you should use precautions like 
the wire mesh idea above.
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keeping chickens safe from foxes and raccoon
chicken coop for chicks
About the fencing...
get mom a charming chicken coop for Christmas
keep the chicken coop warm ready for winter
​Our idea of winterizing is to keep the coop warm 
and let in plenty of light!
how cold is too cold for chickens
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 3' x 6'x 38" tall
The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”                                                                                                                Zephaniah 3:17      
winerizing chicken coop
Shipping fee $155
A tow rope set, and contoured runners.
​Portable- Easily moved to the new grass, 
easily cleaned ! 
a portable chicken coop with tow rope
portable chicken coop easily moved
best duck coop idea
best duck coop idea
This coop is the good for Ducklings too!
Our ducklings are growing up here in this coop. 
We raised the roost bar because they don't need it.
We use a hose to slowly pour water directly into the coop. The coop can naturally hold the water for about half an hour- just enough for them to have a good time! 

It's better this way because any container of water will soon become stinky mud, anyway.

We usually move coops every few days, since they're easy to move.
Christian chicken coop maker
The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”                                                                                                                Zephaniah 3      
What is the most harmful thing about most coop designs? 
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a portable chicken coop for 3-6 hens

   The old video
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Add a Tow Rope set for only $25!
Move your "Emily" with ease!
$399 + $25 = $424
- Super safe at night -
  ON SALE   
- Emily Coop -
Shipping fee $155
duck coop for sale
- Our ducks like it, too -
our best chicken coop kit
- one of our best coop  -