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make a beautiful chicken coop

10 each​
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  Handcrafted Handles  
Make your chicken coop more beautiful
L: 7"  H: 3"  Diameter: 1.5"
make my chicken coop looks good
ideas for beautiful chicken coop
We personally handcraft these handles to make our 
chicken coops look beautiful..    

...but there's more to the handle than looks! 

During the winter, if your hands are wet, you won't get them stuck to some frozen 
metal handle.

A metal handle can reach 
hand-burning  temperature 
in summer sun.

These handles are 
lovely to the touch...
best chicken coop- nest and egg door
Here are some more ideas to make your chicken coops
look even more beautiful :
Handcrafted nests and egg doors.
More window choices 
for your coops
best chicken coop- windows
best looking chicken coop- nice windows
    A unique window 
best chicken coop-the skids
These are real hand-sculpted arms and  
 skids.  They're part of the main frame  
  construction. Very sturdy. 
We made them carefully-  not just for a nice appearance - but also for good portability. 
best chicken coop-the arms
You might be surprised, but these well-made chicken coops are 
  NOT expensive at all !!
For example:  (please click the picture for details)
​Of course our best chicken coop's primary feature is SAFETY!!!!

Don't know about your end, but here in north-east Texas, we have all kinds of predators. Possums, skunks and coyotes are some of the worst. We have learned not to leave a single gap in our coops, and we only use hardware cloth to cover them, instead of chicken wire. Gaps will enable snakes, rodents, and small predators to get in. 

Chicken wire is too weak even  to keep the family dog from destroying your flock.
With our "best chicken coop" design, we haven't allowed any predators in YET.

best chicken coop- charming and predator proof
4x4 and 5 feet tall 
large chicken coop- for 8,10,12 chickens
4x6  &  4x8  
best looking chicken coop- for 5-6 hens
3x6     6x6   
6x9     6x12  
best duck coop
This page was last updated: January 6, 2015
Only 10 dollars 
to make your chicken coop look Good !

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