2    Our  Louis 8,  five foot tall chicken coop
         "Louis 8" comes as two 4'x 4'x 5H buildings. 
         That's 32 square feet - good for 10-12 chickens. On sale now, only $1289

You can add a "middle building " whenever you need, and expand your flock. Each middle building can comfortably hold 6 more chickens for 
only $550/each building and you can add as many as you need. 

Chicken/Duck Coop
Add as many as you need at a good price
3 Our Alphonse 8'x 8'x 4' H chicken /duck coop 
    (On sale now only $1390. Please click HERE to see) 
  This model comes with two of the 4'x 8' buildings, 
    that's a total of 64 square feet, and houses up to 21 chickens.
      You can expand your flock by 12 more for each building added-on. Only $ 599


1 Our 6'x 6'x 3H Emily coop comes with two 3' x 6' x 3' H buildings.

         That's 36 square feet, and houses up to 12 chickens or ducks.
         You can add the "Emily middle building " - only $345 - to gain 6 chickens for 
         each building you have added on.  

5 feet tall modular chicken coop
* NOTE: this photo is of a 6' and a 4' building
modular chicken coop large and portable
Full size doors - easily reach every corner of your coop.
​You can use the prop stick to hold open the upper doors, or use the bottom door to lock the upper door in order to free-range your flock.  
5 feet tall modular chicken coop
high quality modular chicken coop kit
High Quality
modular chicken coop kit egg doors
Nice egg doors and nest boxes are included
beautiful egg door and nest box for modular chicken coop
portable modular chicken coop with beautiful arms and skits
This wonderful modular coop comes with beautiful arms and skids
wonderful portable modular chicken coop with beautiful arms and skids
beautiful wood handle for this handcrafted modular chicken coop
Nice handcrafted wood
        Great News!  
ONLY $845 for 
 Emily Modular Coop 
      - for 12 hens -   
         RIGHT NOW 
working on modular chicken coop and ship nationwide as a kit
nest boxes and egg door for modular chicken coop
The nest boxes are indoors - much cooler in summer or warmer in winter, and healthier than an external nest design.
These modular coops are 
rustic, well-made in our work shop. 

We fully assembled each coop, then disassembled them, marked each screw hole, boxed, and shipped them to you. 
high quality ready made modular chicken coops
ready made modular chicken coop kit
building a modular chicken coop 2018
Please call Pat if you have any questions.

(or text Jennifer at 903-458-1716)
    ( 2  Our Louis 8 - 4'x 8'x 5'H Modular coop click here to see
    ( 3  Our  8x8 - Alphonse Modular coop, $599 add a building for 12 more  hens - click HERE TO SEE) 

Beautiful modular chicken coop for 12 more chickens
Any of these beautiful handcrafted, high quality, modular coop models can be added onto -

how we winterize our coops
how cold is too cold for chickens
Beautiful modular chicken coop for 12 more chickens
a best chicken coop kit ready made
modular chicken coop for 10 or 20 and more chickens
This section is under construction (busy making coops...)  Please call Pat at 214-213-1360 to order or ask questions.

                                                                                  Jennifer 1/ 5/2019