cover chicken coop in cool weater
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chicken coop for our snow lover
winterizing chicken coop
chicken in snow
texas ranch in winter
winter coop for chickens
keep your chicken coop warm in winter
how to keep my chicken coop warm
build a big winter coop
chicken coop in snow
backyard chickens in winter
chicken do lay in winter
backyard chicken in winter
our goats love snow
our goat loves snow
Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, and Rocks are cold tolerant. 

They are happy in the snow, but don't leave them out too long or they could get frostbite.
31 degrees? 

Feels just right for a morning stroll through a "winter wonderland".
Our coops just need a tarp or a moving blanket to ward off the worst. 

A clamp-on heat lamp with just a 75 Watt bulb works pretty well on the coldest days. 
Remenber to break the ice on their drinking water every morning...
A winterized coop. 
   Don't you love these photos?
​   The beauty of nature...
   God created them all.   : )  
Suggestion: Get your chickens accustomed to a new coop BEFORE bad weather comes. 

They get confused at new surroundings and could freeze if they don't get inside at night.

Well, do our goats
enjoy the snow?
I'm afraid they haven't made a decision yet
We LOVE to watch a group of chickens explore our back yard on snowy days.
Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.                                                                                                                                             Psalm 51:7   
They lay fewer eggs, but they do still lay in winter.

Please call Pat at 214-213-1360 
or text 903-458-1716 
if you have any questions, 

Most hens will keep laying eggs, 
if you keep the light on in their coop.

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One of our own 4x6 coops contained eight healthy young Ameraucanas, which had been laying about six-seven eggs almost every day last winter~ : ) 
chicken coop insulate
winter chicken coops
keep chicken coop warm in winter
In each section we install a layer of clear vinyl  --------------------
followed by a layer of clear plastic roof panel - the wave type.

This traps dead air between the layers, 
creating an insulated cover for the windows. 

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Can easily be covered and insulated for winter. 
That’s why those big windows were 
designed like panels.
cover chicken coop
chicken coop cover
cover chicken coop in winter
cover chicken coop for winter
Most of our coops have this panel design, 
and they can easily be covered 
and insulated, for winter. 
You can add some decoration between 
the two transparent layers.

For example, you could use a decorated towel.
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insulating tips for chicken coop
Materials: 1. SeaCoaster Tuftex panels- 8' Translucent Clear $14
                           You can get it from LOWE's or 
chicken / Duck coop kits
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              Shipping available for this coop. but it is not a
              "manufactured kit", with bags of complicated parts, 
               where you are expected to follow a long set of 
               instructions to assemble the thing from scratch.

             This is a coop that was fully assembled here in our
               back yard; we make them one at a time, especially
               for your order. 
              We just removed a few screws for shipping
             - It's easy to follow our markings to put it together again.  
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$ 550   6x3

chicken coops nest boxes
Chicken coop with cedar roof
nest boxes for chicken coop
chicken coop with nest boxes
chicken coop with egg doors

              One nest and 
             three roost bars included  
             (roost bars total- 7 feet)

              Good for 4-6 hens free-range

      Add one more nest boxes $15  only

              One egg door is included  
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how cold is too cold for chickens
Two of these videos 
are at the bottom 
at the page
chicken coops for sale
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            Our Chicken Coops
2. Vinyl, no.008750811625Wal-Mart Fabric Dept. 
     $4.17  per yard. You'll need about 4 yard.  
More Video about  making panels 
- coming soon -

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hens keep lay eggs if  you let light in
​Our idea of winterizing is to keep the coop warm 
and lets plenty of light in!
get chicken coop ready for winter
   Building a portable chicken coop for 20-30 hens  for winter