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    Ranch Coop Update 

 If you need to rush us for your order,  please text Jennifer at
 903-458-1716. Give her your name, date of order, what coop
and when you MUST have it .

 Pat is often too busy making coops and obtaining materials to 
answer the phone or check his messages. With our volume of customer communications, he would not have any time left to make the coops! 

        June 8, 2015 

       1. Continue boxing the Louis 6 for Heidi.  8:00-11:00am (4 boxes) Get to UPS.
      2. Jill has waited her 3rd building of the 8x12 for a long time. It's ready to be disassembled  
          and boxed in the afternoon. Sending hardware. 
      3. John is waiting for his Louis 8.  Assemble all parts and begin building the coop. 
      4. Truck broke down.  We ran out of diesel, and learned just how much harder diesel trucks
          are to restart after running completely dry!

June 9, 2015

1. John's Louis 8 is half done.
2. Start making parts for two Samantha coops - they're already late!!
3. The Emily Coop pattern is on the table - we need two of them, one for shipping, one for delivery to Farmersville.

​June 10, 2015  

Today we worked on two brooders and two Emily, and a 8x8 big Alphonse Hen Houses at the
 same time.
Pat and me (Jennifer) and our son Charlie. three as a team. We're so busy.

June 11

June 16,2015

We need many sets of 

​June 17, 2015

June 18
We spent a lot of time at Lowe's - most of the cedar boards are not up to our standards.  We can't accept such bad quality cedar and have to find the few cedar boards among them that are good enough for the quality of coop that we strive for.

June 19
​Today we worked on two Emily coops, and a 4x10 big Louis 10 for John C. 
Our son Charlie does a good job of staining lumber (brush each side of the pine boards at least 3 times).  

June 20-28, 2015  (Just too busy to write a daily report for those days..)

June 30,2015  This Louis 10 is almost done. Sorry for the delay, John.

texas chicken coop works today
big 8-12 hens chicken coop kit for sale
5 foot tall portable chicken coop kit
portable tall chicken coop kit for 8-10 hens
big chicken coop kit
big 8-12 hens chicken coop kit for sale
build and disassemble chicken coop
These boxes are all for a Louis 6
( 4x6 and 5 foot tall for 8-10 hens)
chicken coop
texas chicken coop works today
cedar roof for our chicken coop kit
beautiful nest boxes for sale
to rush your order
portable large pre made chicken coop kit
how to get good cedar board for build chicken coop
May 2016

Oops..    A whole year had passed already?
We were busy, weren't  we?

At least I shall post a new photo each day, I say.. 

pick up chicken coop from greenville texas

Someone picked up 
 the Louis 10 
(4X10) chicken coop 
from Greenville,Texas 
this morning 
It's raining.

 Hard working till 
10:00 at night 
June 2016

From May 30th to June 3rd

Delivered A Large (4' X12' - Good for 20-30 Chickens)
 Portable Chicken Coop Today 


Thank you, dear UPS guy...
large chicken coops ship nationwide
ups pick up our chicken coop
ship ig coop
Texas made chicken coop
tow rope for portable chicken coop
A tow rope set, 
and contoured runners!
portable chicken coop easily moved
portable chicken coop
portable chicken coops easily moved
wood handle for portable chicken coop
wood handle for cedar chicken coop

We are going to add this new
option to our Emily and 
Alphonse coops.
Isn't that a good looking wood handle resting on the cedar roof of the coop?
(It is surely a useful thing!)
The tow rope and 
the contoured runners make it so easy to move our coops around.
our chickens have tried all our new chicken coops design
Our chickens have tried all our new chicken/duck coop designs.

Our plants and veggies tried our new "Portable Arch Post Set"
Chicken coop and 
brooder in a single 
~ New video for the new product ~
easily cleaned

Chicks like it.
We like it.
We have 36 chicks

 We had a cold weather test a few days ago.  It was real cold all night
 and we left the door of the coop open so they could go out or stay in...
​They were  roosting outdoors all night, and they were fine down to 16 degrees!
(We had their yard fenced and netted
  so these "tests" could take place).
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