Never have we built a coop that hasn't sold.
Our chicken and duck coops are in such demand that we rarely have a break between projects.

We are honored and take great pleasure in serving our many customers, who order from every state in the country. 

To our costumers:
Jennifer and I are both in the sixty-seventies- age range, and we have decided to retire after Ranch Coop (TEXAS RANCH HEN HOUSES, LLC) is sold.  

This is a family business.
My wife and I make all of   our products   ourselves. When we accumulate  more  orders than we can  build, we just slow   down the ads we place.
We're located on a beautiful lake community acre 
- Lake Winnsboro, Texas.
                    95 miles from Dallas - about 1hr 48 min drive
                    about 5 min to Winnsboro downtown)
chicken coop business shuo for sale in Texas
Family chicken coop business for sale near Dallas Texas
Family business for sale lake Winnsboro Texas
Building coops on the front porch 
             for local pick up.
Waiting for
pick up 
Chicken coop business with one acre lake Winnsboro Texas
(40 ft x 8 ft porch) x 2
chickor sale lake winnsboro tx
That red spot is where we are.
(Those "$" show the cost for a night at the AirBnB units nearby)
New shop
Southern porch 
for work 
Southern porch 
for work 
and breakfast 
The shop is set up well 
 for our coop business 
The shop has eye protecting light, refrigerator, 
office area. Walk-in closet. Full bathroom with 4'x 3' shower. 
Tankless water heater.  And a 60" TV. 
Family business for sale with well built shop near Dallas TX
The shop is well insulated, air-conditioned and heated.

Our woodworking shop can be 
clean and neat.
packing area
A small
 cooking area
The loft is warm in the winter and cool on a summer night
 About our chicken coop business
We've sold our chicken coops from our website "" 
for 15 years. Through Craigslist, we promote our coops to over 100 major cities, nationwide. We always have more orders than we can make.
But we've finally noticed that maybe we aren't as young as we were!

nationwide chicken coop business for sale with shop in Texas
These are a few samples of our coop ads (postings):
North Jersey
Good National chicken coop business for sale with shop in Texas
 San Diego
Family chicken coop business for sale near Dallas Texas
 New York
post Houston nationwide chicken coop business with shop lake Winnsboro Texas
from CA to NY nationwide chicken coop business for sale with shop in Texas
 New Hampshire
chicken coop family business for sale lake winnsboro Texas
The loft ladder
is nice and safe.
chicken coop business for sale near Dallas TX
one acre on lake Winnsboro TX for sale with chicken coop business
One acre (New septic)
The worth of our chicken coop 
business is $ 487,188
(That is two years profit)

The shop where we operate our 
business right now (one acre)
is worth $175,500

You can purchase our 
2018 Ford Transit 250 Van 
(mileage 100,085) worth $22,500

You don't have to buy all three items 
together, although that is what we prefer.  

​Please text Pat at 214-213-1360
or text Jennifer at 903-458-1716 
 if you are interested.

 You can also use this box to contact us 
1 Acre