Chicks for sale near dallas Tx
Chicks, Young Hens, Used Chicken Coops Yard Sale

6-Weeks 12.00
3-Month $ 18.00
Chicks $6 ~ $8.00 
Big Meat birds $12.00

(Like new : 3X6, 6X6) 
3 weeks chicks for sale
3 weeks chicken for sale
They are much stronger this age.
 Protect your chickens- Fencing/Netting your chicken yard
Our small brooder can carry up to 8.

young chickens for sale east Texas

Call 214-213-1360 to order today!
( Leave a message if not answered )

  Four Months old       $ 22.00 
Three Months Old      $ 18.00        
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Our 4' x 6' coop can carry up to 18 youngs.
4' x10' up to 15 big hens
Our 4' by 4' coop can carry up to 6.

4' by 6' coop can 
carry up to 8~10.

  Americauna Chicks 
From Free Range Hen   
chicks for sale in dallas tx
Americauna Chicks for sale in dallas
Americauna Chicks for sale in dallas
​The Americaunas chicks 
are strong, growing fast 
and maturing quickly. 
They are considered to be
dual-purpose birds. 
but mostly egg layers. 

  ~One of our 4x6 coops contains eight 
      healthy young Ameraucanas, 
      which have been lying about six eggs 
      almost every day this winter~ : ) 

Chicks for sale
Texas chicken fram

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The next chicks will be hatched   on  2/10/2017

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In the city
small flock
In the country
20+ big flock
An Absolute 
Beginner's Guide
Feeding. Facilities.
A comprehensive description of many of the most popular breeds.
have the free range chickens well protected all night
predator proof chicken coops for sale

 As Gail Damerow wrote in her book, Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens  ,  " The "BEST" Breed for you depends on your reasons for having chickens -   for meat or eggs or both, for a touch of beauty in your yard... etc
  One notable concern we all have is climate tolerance.   Here are some facts regarding differences between Rhode Island Reds and  Buff Orpingtons.
  ​Use                         Eggs, Meat                        Eggs,Meat     
  Eggshell color         Brown                                 Brown   
​  Egg size                 Lg.-XLg.                              Lg.-XLg. 
​  Hen size                  Heavy                                 Heavy 
​  Eggs Layed             220                                      250
  per Year
​  Climate                    Cold-Hardy                         Cold-Hardy
  Tolerance                                                            Heat-tolerant
​  Broody                     Yes                                     No
​Special                     Meat quality                        Meat quality
Characteristics         Calm and docile                  Active yet docile
* Chart ​Info from "CHICK DAY" by Jenna Woginrich, page 114. 
BREED                  ORPINGTON                  RHODE ISLAND 
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The adult Ameracaunas are cold-hardy, Gentle and calm personality, milder in noise levels, 
and lay the famous blue, green and pink Easter eggs. (They're very tasty too!)

Most important thing is: they were raised in our special made brooder that did not need to use any shavings at all. 
- sold out for now-

Why do we like 
Australorps breeds? 
  According to the book, CHICKENS, by Derek Hall (Chartwell Books, Inc.),  
Australorps are "Hardy and docile, they are smaller and neater than the Orpingtons from which it derived.
    The Australorps isn't a good flier, even though it is quite active and likes to range free, so fencing does not need to be too high to contain the bird."

    "It is prized for both its egg-laying (light-brown eggs are laid) and its meat qualities. Males weight around 8.5 lbs ...with females weighing it at 6.5 lbs...

    "Although the Australorp is one of the best of the dual-purpose chickens, the breed's egg-laying abilities first brought it to the attention of the international community.

     In 1922-23, six hens set a world record by laying 1,857 eggs at an average of just over 309 eggs per hen over a 365-day consecutive period - and this at a time before the regime of intensive laying techniques and artificial lighting, so often in use today, had become established.
     "Today, given the right conditions, a hen will on average lay about 250 eggs per year. 

      "The Australorp is a friendly bird and makes a good pet for children..."

      For more info, you can go to the website of this book...
Young Hens & Chicks 

hatching eggs for sale in dallas texas
  Buff Orpington
hatching eggs $1.00
Our 3' by 6' coops can house up to 6.

4' by 8' coops can 
house up to 12.
chicken coops for sale tx
Have your free-range chickens well protected
all night
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pure bred chicks and young hens for sale near dallas tx
indian runners ducks for sale dallas tx
jumbo pekin ducks for sale dallas tx
These Jumbo Pekin ducks are extra large
India runner 
 Call Diana at 
  Buff Orpington chicks from free range hens
  $ 6.00  about 1 weeks old.  $ 10.00 about 4 weeks old.

- sold out for now-

- sold out for now-

- sold out for now-

chicks for sale near dallas

   ~ Brooding Your Own Laying Hen Made Easy- Brooder for 6-24 chicks  
On Sale Now only $299 ~

 Chicken Yard
What is the most harmful thing about most coop designs? 
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* Important *
Two Months Old  $ 12.00             SOLD OUT
netting and fencing chicken yard
netting and fencing chicken yard
best breed for backyard chickens
pure bred buff orpington chicks for sale dallas tx
One of the best 
breeds for 
backyard chickens