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Fence posts and flying chickens

by Pat on 09/29/13


 I was just wondering if you have had any problems with chickens flying out of the portable fence?

 I have a coop and would like to have a fenced area for my chickens but I just don't know if they would fly over this fence?

  Thank you




Hi Kaitlynn!

 Great question - and one we get asked a lot. Our personal experience is this:

This fencing setup, utilizing 2"x4" mesh wire (in 4' or 5' heights) will restrain adult chickens. If you want to put young chicks, soon after leaving the brooder - and when they are smaller than the 2" width, NO. They can just stroll right through.


When they are in their gawky "teenage" stage, as we like to put it, they are challenged by any enclosure, and will do everything in their power to get over a fence of any sort. This a most perilous time for chickens. They cannot be easily restrained, and are so light in weight that they can easily get over most things (they will sleep in the trees, if unrestrained). Even wing-clipping doesn't keep them down.


When they get into their adult stage, they settle down to earth and get fat and lazy, just hanging around thinking about whether they would rather take a nap, a sun bath, or a dust bath. This can occupy MOST of their day. Thinking about it.

Whichever one they choose, they are still thinking about whether they made the right choice, and plan to do the other things as soon as they get tired of the current one. Aside from scratching, eating or chasing grasshoppers, they don't do have much else on their schedules. Flying just seems like too much effort.


There are fences.

 Fencing just keeps adult chickens from wandering, but won't prevent many predators from climbing over, or digging under, or dropping in from above. 

We would love to make a set of posts for you. This type of fence is also great for separating flocks or small groups from the rest. 

 Thank you for your interest, Kaitlynn.

 Pat and Jennifer



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1. christina yarbrough said on 4/19/17 - 11:41AM
we live way out of city limits and have two hems and one rooster going over the fence and getting on the neighbors cars, we are on 22 acres and the neighbors are complaining, I dont know what to do. the whole reason of having a ranch is for free roaming.

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