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Frequently Asked Questions

by Pat on 06/21/11

The single most asked question regarding chickens is: “Do I need a rooster if I want to have eggs?”

ANSWER: No. Hens lay eggs regardless of whether there is a rooster in the flock.


What about if I want to hatch chicks from our hens?

ANSWER: Simple biology. If you want to hatch out your eggs, you will need a rooster to fertilize them.  (Most cities now prohibit roosters in backyard flocks because of the noise from crowing.)


You can buy fertile eggs from a breeder (we sell them), and try to get one of your hens to sit on them, or you could get a small incubator and hatch fertile eggs from that.  Remember that about 50% of your chicks will be roosters. Plan how to deal with that before you end up with noise complaints from neighbors.

What are my options when I end up with roosters?

ANSWER: Soup, adoption, or sale. Many backyard chicken enthusiasts don’t want to eat their unwanted roosters, although they taste better than just about any chicken you will buy at the market. I understand if you don’t wish to eat your “babies”, because I’m in the same boat. I sell most of mine, even if I don’t always get the price I want. It’s better than continuing to spend money on their feed, and it keeps the neighbors on a friendly footing.


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