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home brooder for sale
chicken brooders for sale
Big Brooder for up to 
24 Chicks
L:36, D:24, H:28
(The heat light is not included)

brooder for sale nationwide
A Nice Table-top Brooder for Chicks
   L: 36, D: 24, H: 28

   The thermometer 
   and the tray are included.
   The heat light is not included. 
brooder for sale
easy-to-clean brooders
$ 345
The brooder can be very useful, later, for special care for your big chickens...
An easy-to-clean 
tray for droppings.
A nice side door, full-size.
This brooder looks great at night..
This is our favorite brooder. 
It is easy to keep clean and to maintain constant temperature
It is the most reliable brooder we have ever used.
brooder with a 99% survival rate
-- A brooder with a 99% survival rate.
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chicks brooder
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chicks and brooders for sale
chicks brooder for sale
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*According the report of "The Toxicity of Pine and Cedar Shavings":
The pine and cedar boards or posts are safe to use as roofing or framing,
but it's not safe to use these materials for chick bedding.

Please check this out if you like to read the details: "The Toxicity of Pine and Cedar Shavings"

**Our special made brooders did not need to use any shavings at all** 

chicks for sale dallas
brooder for sale- first day out door
The First Day Outdoor..
1. When chicks are 3 weeks old   

2. When it's warm outdoor.(above 75F )

3. When the fence and protections are ready 
$ 345
This page was last updated: June 21, 2016
Texas made brooder for sale
Clean and warm surroundings
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chicks and brooders for sale
beginners guide for raising chickens
An Absolute 
Beginner's Guide
raising chickens
Feeding. Facilities.
most popular breeds of chickens
A comprehensive description of many of the most popular breeds.
These are 3 of the most useful books- You can visit their website by clicking these pictures, and get it on line. 
We love this kind of brooder, 
not just because it's very reliable, 
but also because you can watch them grow, daily .

We put ours on an old table inside our house.
Each time we open that little front door (which looks like a rising sun), 
we can easily check up on how they're doing, up close,
 and appreciate the fuzzy little baby chicks or ducklings as they grow.

An easy-to-clean tray for droppings (plastic wave board) is included.
brooder for sale
tx made brooder for chicks
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 brooder for chicks
Texas made brooder for sale nationwide
When they're ready for a real coop..
backyard chicken coops for sale
10-12 chickens coop for sale
8-10 chickens coop for sale
Emily                   $399
W 3' x L 6' x H 3'   
Good for 4 (large breed) to 6 (bantam) chickens.
Louis 6          $736
W 4' x L 6' x H 5'  
 Good for 8 (large breed) to 10 (bantam) chickens.
Alphonse          $605
W 4' x L 8' x H 4'   
Good for 10 (large breed) to 12 (bantam) chickens.
very nice brooder for sale
add shipping fee $75
add shipping fee $75
big chicken coop
Large portable hen house for 36+   $1840
W 8' x L 12' x H 4'  
 Good for 36 (large breed) to 40 (bantam) chickens.
4th of JULY SALE
20% off
(limited offer)
4th of JULY SALE
20% off
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