Cedar Roof Chicken Coop 
                         Houses Up To 18 Hens

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cedar roof chicken coop for 18 hens
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chicks and chicken coop EASTER SPECIAL

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$ 1120
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large chicken coop with tow rope
well made in usa chicken coop kit
We call this coop "MAX"
egg door of a large chicken coop kit for big family
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6' by 8' -  That's 48 sq ft ! Comfortably houses 18 chickens.
6 nest boxes are included!
A full size door so your hens will feel free to go in and out.
It's easy for you to do cleaning, too! 
Great Ventilation
What is the most harmful thing about most coop designs? 
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how cold is too cold for chickens
Add a Deluxe
 Tow Rope Set for $45 more! Moving this large coop just got 
a lot easier! 
$996+ $45 = $1041
We don't use external nest boxes  extending from the sides-

We found those boxes get to  
over 120 degrees in summer! 
Lots of shape in summer
Handcrafted handle
A tow rope for easy moving
Sturdy Construction
UV protection
This is the best egg door we have ever use for chicken coops !
large chicken coop kit
Good Construction
easy assembled chicken coop kit in usa
This is a premade chicken coop kit. very easy to reassemble them.
best egg door for chicken coop
texas ranch chicken coop pat didear
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