The "chicken laws" for some cites in Texas : Texas Ranch Coops- Backyard Chicken/Duck Coops For Sale
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The "chicken laws " 
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The "chicken laws" for some cites in Texas

by Pat on 09/22/11


Here is some useful info about the laws regarding chicken-keeping in your own back yard.

If you see your city, and notice that the chicken laws are outdated, please help us to update them (by clicking "Comments"). Thank you. 

Arlington, TX. You must have a lot that is larger than a half an acre to lawfully keep hens (no roosters) here. Even so, you may only keep four hens. If you have a lot over 1/2 acre, then you must still keep the chickens 50 ft. away from neighboring houses, and you must keep them penned.

Austin, TX. Up to 10 fowl per household, but keep in enclosure that's 50 ft. away from neighbors. Other soucres say there is currently no limit on the number of chickens you can keep here. The city is considering banning roosters.
Baytown, TX. Chickens allowed, but they have to be 100 ft. from neighbors, and many lots aren’t big enough to meet that requirement.

Dallas TX. The ordinances for this city do not appear to address keeping poultry.

Fort Worth, TX. Can have up to 12 chickens within the city limits on a residentially zoned lot. They have to be in a chicken coop and the coop has to be at least 50 feet away from any house. That includes your own house and any neighbors' houses.

Garland, TX. Limit 2 hens.

Grand Prairie, TX. You have to be able to keep your chickens 150 feet away from any neighboring structures that house people, which is pretty difficult to do on a city or suburb lot.

Houston, TX. Chickens may be kept on a lot which measures at least 65 feet X 125 feet: 30 chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, peafowl, rabbits or guinea pigs or 40 of any combination of the above.

Irving, TX. According to the Parks & Rec department here, "In recognition of changing demographics, we no longer have restrictions on livestock."

Laredo, TX. If you keep 6 or fewer chickens, set-backs are not restricted. If you keep more than 6 chickens, you must keep the pen 100 ft. from any occupied building, besides your own.

Lewisville, TX. Up to five individual fowl per each one-fourth acre of land may be kept upon the premises. Fowl must be kept in a pen or other enclosure located at least 150 feet from any residential dwelling, office building, school building, church, business, or other structure under separate ownership which is intended for human habitation or use. Such pen or enclosure must provide at least 100 square feet of exercise area for each bird kept therein. In order to minimize the potential for noise nuisances to adjacent or nearby premises, roosters capable of crowing shall not be allowed to be kept within 1,500 feet of any residential dwelling, office building, school building, church, business, or other structure under separate ownership which is intended for human habitation or use.

Longview, TX. Ordinance #3141.3, Sec. 13-27: "Regulations relating to keeping of poultry and birds," an unlimited number of chickens may be kept in any structure that has a secure top, sides, and bottom, and provides shelter from rain. This structure must sit 100 feet from any neighboring property.

Mansfield, TX. Your lot must be 20,000 square feet in order to keep chickens.

Murphy, TX. Limit 2 hens.

Plano, TX. Chickens prohibited.

Richardson, TX. Chickens are allowed, barring offensive noises or smells.

Round Rock, TX. Up to 5 fowl if your chicken pen is 25 ft. away from neighbor's residences. If the pen is 50 ft. away, you can have 10 fowl.

San Antonio, TX. Up to 5 of any kind of fowl, any gender, per household. Must keep in a pen, 20 feet from any other dwelling. The laws in this city have been recently updated (2010): Residents now allowed to have up to 3 chickens, any gender, but must remain in an enclosure. Permits may be issued if you want more than 3 chickens.

Sachse, TX. Limit 15 small livestock.

St. Paul. TX. The topic of chickens is not covered in the city ordinance.

Victoria, TX. No person shall keep, feed, raise, or maintain fowl within the city except under the following conditions: Such fowl shall be kept in a pen or enclosure at least one hundred (100) feet from every dwelling other than that of the owner of such fowl. Such enclosure shall be kept sanitary so as to prevent the development of health hazards or offensive. No more than twenty-five (25) poultry may be raised within such enclosure.

Waco, TX. Livestock is allowed inside the City of Waco as long as the pen is located at least 200 feet from the nearest neighbor in a straight line at the closest points.

Wylie, TX. Chickens banned.

Comments (17)

1. Michelle said on 2/18/12 - 01:15PM
Just FYI, in Arlington Texas you may have up to four chickens on LESS than 1/2 acre as long as they are still 50' feet from neighbor's houses. I spoke to animal services directly about this and when it says that it's an offense to keep "more than four fowl on less than 1/2 acre" it means up to four is okay, as long as it is 50' from your neighbors.
2. Jessica said on 4/28/12 - 05:31PM
Wylie's ordinance allows chickens that are at least 100 ft from any building.
3. Nancy Coffey said on 5/21/12 - 04:05AM
If I wanted to hear chickens I would have moved to the country not in the big middle of Waco!!!
4. john sparks said on 9/29/12 - 05:57PM
It is not fair that chickens are not allowed in Wylie, TX where they are allowed in most TX cities
5. Gd said on 5/23/13 - 07:08PM
Garland tx..limit is 4 chickens..
6. G. Sneath said on 6/14/13 - 09:41AM
You now may have 4 hens in Garland TX.
7. Bobby said on 6/19/13 - 09:46AM
anything on Lylte, Tx?
8. bm said on 7/7/13 - 11:31AM
City of Dallas - No Rooster Allowed!
9. Rebecca said on 4/3/14 - 02:48PM
How about Roosters in Garland, TX?
10. Yvonne S. said on 9/22/14 - 06:46PM
Well, I WAS thinking of moving to Texas, I thought it was the "free" state left in the U.S. -- but, it's looking less and less free and sane these days. No more death penalty for Capital Murder and now, California type limits on Backyard Chickens, I'm disappointed. What has happened to Texas!?
11. Jessica said on 1/21/15 - 08:25AM
McKinney TX allows 12 hens, no roosters. We've been living there with 7-8 for 3 years, and know others who have up to 12. Animal control visited once about a complaint of a rooster, which we do not have, and have not bothered us since.
12. Leah Freese said on 6/9/15 - 08:18PM
If you live in Rockwall and want to help us change the city ordinance to allow backyard chickens please come to the Rockwall City Council Meeting at City Hall June 15, at 6 PM. W need as many as possible to come in support.
13. Lin said on 8/5/15 - 06:59PM
Does anyone know if we are allowed to keep chickens in Mesquite, TX?
14. Dave Hare said on 4/14/16 - 05:25PM
Chickens are not aloud in Pasadena Texas. No exceptions.
15. hai said on 7/24/16 - 05:43PM
why almost every city have licensed for chicken in back yard,why only city of plano it not disagree chicken in back yard is not fair,some people like dogs,cats some people like chicken or birds some like that
16. Debbie said on 2/27/17 - 12:29PM
Does anyone know if you can keep a couple of chickens in backyard in Cibolo, Tx??
17. lex said on 3/8/17 - 02:12PM
anyone know about Lake Worth Tx?

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