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beautiful nest boxes for sale

large chicken coop for 20 chickens
large chicken coop for sale
chicken coop when snow
Large Chicken Coops (4x10, 4x12) 
        5 feet tall Sturdy, and very protective             
easy to move chicken coop
easy move chicken coop
chicken coop handles
chicken coop for sale
chicken coops for sale made in tx
chicken coops that keeps chickens safe
5 foot tall large chicken coop
portable hen house tx
This page was last updated: January 17, 2019
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We use 3" Exterior deck screws 
for all structural parts. 

High-grade UV stains (with the nice 
cedar tint) to protect the whole coop.. .
4 handcrafted nest boxes
and two egg doors
Your chickens are sure to LOVE their COOL new coop!
The handcrafted arms and skids make it easier to move
your coop around
Nice wood handles
This is a predator-proof 
chicken coop 
A 100%-TEXAS MADE chicken coop which
we fully assembled, here in our back yard. 
We make them one at a time - especially for your order. 
At 40 square feet, it's large, but not too heavy to move around.
big chicken coops for 15 chickens
large chicken coop made in texas
This page was last updated: January 17, 2019
predator chicken coops for sale
foxes and raccoons intrusion prevention - how to keep foxes and raccoons out
          Predators, like foxes and raccoons tend to dig right at the spot
              where the coop meets the ground. You can lay galvanized wire mesh 
on the ground, along the sides of the coop to keep them out. 
  However, in our own experience, even though we don't use this method on our farm, no predator has been able to get into any of our 
many chicken coops - not even a snake. We do have lots of wild critters though, and we recently lost  several prized hens when we forgot to close one of the coops for the night. 

  Most digging predators cannot dig enough in one night 
to get under the coop. Just put coops on level ground, and keep an eye out for developing holes. Move the coop if you see a hole beside it.

   If you live in fox or marten country (fast diggers), then you should use precautions like the wire mesh idea above.
keeping chickens safe
winerizing chicken coop
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all weather chicken coop for sale

 All-Weather design
get a coop your chickens like
Get a coop your chickens will like!  
No more walking in to clean chicken coops!
We love to see our hens ENJOY their coop.
keeping chickens safe
God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.                      2 Corinthians 5:21
keeping chickens safe
to rush your order
$ 1850
 Shipping fee $ 285
You can also call Pat at 
or  text Jennifer at
 to order
Shipping fee $ 285
 * Pick Up From
 314 FM 1903 Greenville, TX 
(with no shipping cost)
There are two buildings connected in a modular setup, making it easy to move one piece at a time when it's time for some new grass underneath 
foxes and raccoons intrusion prevention - how to keep foxes and raccoons out
New video 
What is the most harmful thing about most coop designs? 
Click here to 
portable large chicken coop for sale
portable big chicken coop for sale
Easily cleaned  
large chicken coop for sale make in usa
large chicken coop beautiful made in usa
"LOUIS 12"
(4x12, 5'H)  Coop!
Houses up to 18 hens
Are you looking for my big brother, Louis 12 ?
 I think he's downstairs,
Click Here
and I'll take you to him.
The Louis 12 coop holds 18 hens, is a bit larger than me with the same great styling of the Louis family of coops.
Hello, My name is Louis 10
Best design and sturdy construction.
Lots of roost space (24'). 
Full size door for your free range chickens to go in and out.
 Easy to move around.  Wheels get stuck    
in muddy or uneven ground,   
 but SKIDS will glide over,   
so we don't use wheels on our coops.   
egg door
We don't use external nest boxes  
extending from the sides-
We found those boxes get to  
over 120 degrees in summer! 
chicken coop when snow
portable hen house tx
easy to move chicken coop
easy move chicken coop
Shipping fee $380
Newest video 
$ 1580
$ 1790
all weather chicken coop for sale

keep chicken safe easy use chicken coop delivery to your door